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Be A Debt-Free Entrepreneur

FOCUS ON CLIENT SATISFACTION RATHER THAN INVESTOR ROI By Stephen Wright It may be a controversial opinion, but there’s an argument to be made that this modern-day, small-business dynamic of not worrying about profit for the first three years is a dangerous trend. While many startups rely on significant investments and the notion that “you […]Read More

Millennials & Money

TOO MUCH DEBT AND NOT ENOUGH FINANCIAL LITERACY By Chad W. Forsberg & John F. Ware, III The Millennial generation is now more than 80 million strong and has become the largest generation in the U.S. Given the youngest members of this generation are just teens, they are going to drive the economy of Texas […]Read More

This Land of Strangers

THE RELATIONSHIP CRISIS THAT IMPERILS HOME, WORK POLITICS AND FAITH By Dacia Rivers Personal relationships are on the decline, according to Robert E. Hall, the author of “This Land of Strangers,” a book that takes a look at our disposable society and how discarded relationships have affected our economy and the way we do business […]Read More