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The Future of Work

ROBOTS ARE HERE TO HELP  By Kris Fitzgerald Modern business operations have fundamentally changed over the last 100—and even the last 20— years. Terms that were once buzzwords for a select few—like “automation,” “Internet of Things,” “machine learning” and “artificial intelligence” (AI)—have become cornerstones of the evolving business landscape. Today, executives must understand how to […]Read More

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Austin 2018 Economic Forecast – Acceleration

By Sarah Weber For the first time in its history, the Texas CEO Magazine Economic Forecast featured a panel composed entirely of tech leaders. And where better to host that panel than in Austin, the Texas city that is quickly becoming the next tech frontier? The Austin forecast, presented in conjunction with the Baylor University […]Read More

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How Do You Create a Culture of Innovation in the

Photography by Shannon Drawe A slip of paper pulled out of a fortune cookie spoke to Mike Sanford: “Embrace innovation and opportunities will follow.” Sanford, the director of virtual design and lean construction at SpawGlass Contractors, said it’s tough to embrace innovation — especially in the construction industry. But he said it can be done, […]Read More

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Data, Privacy and Brand Trust

WHAT THE PRIVACY SHIELD TREATY MEANS FOR TEXAS BUSINESSES By Matt Goulet In late June, UK voters took to the polls to weigh in on their future as members of the European Union. Britain’s exit from the EU (“Brexit”) left markets wavering as the world wondered what it would all mean for the global economy. […]Read More


The Role of Knowledge Workers & AI

John Rauscher’s Automated Reporting Lightens Knowledge Workers’ Loads By Dacia  Rivers Service activities account for more than 80 percent of the GDP, and more than half of those activities include what’s known as “knowledge work.” Knowledge workers are workers like physicians, lawyers and academics, whose jobs involve reasoning through problems alone and with others, and […]Read More


How AI Can Solve Your Worst Corporate Nightmare

DAVID COPPS’ BRAINSPACE IS HERE FOR COMPANIES IN CRISIS By Dacia Rivers Volkswagen made international headlines this year when the company had to shell out $15 billion after a high-profile emissions scandal rocked the automaker and left its future uncertain. It’s a prime example of the type of situation David Copps is trying to prevent […]Read More


Torrential Rains or Tornadoes: Six Ways to Ensure Your Business

By Bryan Gregory During last week’s torrential rains in Houston and recognizing tornado season is not far behind (DFW is the largest metropolitan area in Tornado Alley ), storm protection is a real issue for Texas businesses. Business continuity should be a primary goal during operations every day, but especially in the event of a […]Read More

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The Third Strategy for Growth

HOW DATA INSIGHTS GROW COMPANIES FROM THE INSIDE By Tony Streeter The two most common growth strategies for business are organic and acquisition. However, that is quickly changing. Companies are beginning to leverage a third option – growth through insight. “Insight” is what is derived from understanding external conditions, internal conditions, and harvesting internal company […]Read More

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The Age of the Data Breach

A PLAN FOR CEOS By Suzanne Barber, Ph.D. It’s hard to turn on the news these days without hearing of some kind of data breach. As lawmakers and the media’s attention to security grows, so does the impact of data breaches on those at the leadership level of businesses. The 277 CEOs whose companies experienced […]Read More