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Change Is Good

CREATING OPPORTUNITY AMIDST UNCERTAINTY  By Dacia Rivers Kevin Turner wants you to forget everything you know about change management. President of Turner Leadership Strategies, Turner is an author and executive coach with 25 years of experience. In his newest book, Change is Good, Turner says he is also a student of brain science, and goes […]Read More

Change Management

The Only Constant in Life is Change

HOW TO BE A CHANGE MANAGEMENT CHAMPION By Larry Solomon For every Batman, there’s a Robin. For every Bert, there’s an Ernie. And for every CEO, there’s a “translator.” The strategic placement of an HR leader in the role of translator, the right-hand person to the CEO, creates opportunities for that HR team member to […]Read More

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Three Things Millennial Business Owners Can Teach Baby Boomer CEOs

REFINING BEST PRACTICES WITH THE NEW GUARD  By Alexis Wier Venture capitalists and big-pocket investors bet on business concepts that reject conventional business models in favor of new ideas that increase efficiency, provide superior service and generate greater profits. These ‘disruptors’ include Uber deconstructing the taxi business, Airbnb in the hospitality industry and Dollar Shave […]Read More

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Easing the Pain of Relocation

FOUR WAYS CEOS CAN REDUCE THE STRESS OF CHANGE The State of Texas has worked hard to attract companies. The combination of incentives, reasonably inexpensive real estate, low taxes, and great weather has been appealing enough get organizations including Toyota, Facebook, and Goodman to locate significant installations in the Lone Star State. Once the ink […]Read More