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You Think You Control Your Brand? Think Again

A MODERN DEFINITION OF BRANDING  By Matt Huser We live in a world of buzzwords and sound bites. One of the most popular buzzwords today is “Customer Experience,” and for good reason. Customer experience can mean many things to marketers. We’ll define it as “any interaction a customer has with a company or brand.” Customers […]Read More

Four Attributes of an Exceptional Chief Marketing Officer

THE TANGIBLE & INTANGIBLE TRAITS OF SUCCESS By Michelle Boggs Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is considered one of the most dangerous titles, according to a 2015 Forbes article. Because CMOs play such a large role in increasing both brand recognition and sales, hiring the right CMO is crucial to the overall success of any business. […]Read More

The CEO Leads the Brand

USING SIGHTS AND SOUNDS TO BUILD BRAND STRENGTH By Carrie Brewer Martinez Brand is the structure for communicating with the outside world and the promise of how a company will do business. The successful CEO knows how important brand recognition is, but also how important brand trust is in reaching customers and prospects, attracting and […]Read More

Your Brand

WHAT IT IS & WHY IT’S IMPORTANT By Tony Streeter Putting serious attention toward a brand’s image and brand message becomes especially important when entering a growth phase for mid-market companies. Revenue-wise, the mid-market category generally starts at $5 million and goes all the way to $1 billion. Mid-market companies are the ones who are […]Read More

Go Deep, Go Wide

THE WINNING FORMULA FOR BRANDING AT MCGARRAH JESSEE By Dacia Rivers Photography by Jonathan Garza Branding is one of those business buzzwords that can be difficult to define. Mark McGarrah suggests, “Branding is giving a personality to the emotional connection a brand has with their constituencies.” All you need to do is watch the memorable […]Read More