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Where Passion Meets Demand

SHAMA HYDER INFUSES MARKETING WITH ENTHUSIASM AND MOMENTUM  By Dacia Rivers Photography by Shannon Drawe  THEN When Shama Hyder graduated with a master’s degree from the University of Texas, she was ready to jump straight into the workplace. She envisioned herself working for a large company, learning the ropes and contributing to that business’s success. […]Read More

A Vision Clear and Straight

CLEARCORRECT’S JARRETT PUMPHREY STAYS FLEXIBLE IN AN EVER-CHANGING WORLD THEN Entrepreneurs aren’t strangers to feeling like small fish in a big pond, or David facing down Goliath. But in the case of the Pumphreys and their company, ClearCorrect, they knew bootstrapping a clear aligner business would involve legal battles, and they were prepared. As a […]Read More

Bootstrapping the Family Business

THE NOVAK GROUP CREATES A TOUCHSTONE FOR DOING BUSINESS WITH FAMILY By Dacia Rivers Photography by Jonathan Garza THEN Family businesses typically have a high failure rate—as high as 70 percent, according to the Harvard Business Review. Working with family can mean personal struggles, hiring people who aren’t as qualified as they should be, or […]Read More

The Quest for Insanely Great Employees

HOW DAN GRAHAM AND BUILDASIGN HIT THE GROUND RUNNING By Dacia Rivers Photography by Jonathan Garza THEN Bootstrapping a business requires commitment, flexibility and action. When Dan Graham and his business partners decided to launch BuildASign.com in 2005, they put those traits into action staying flexible as the business model evolved into the success story […]Read More

A Second Sweet Splash

CLAYTON CHRISTOPHER’S DEEP EDDY VODKA DIVES IN AND COMES OUT ON TOP By Dacia Rivers Photography by Jonathan Garza THEN Does every beverage Clayton Christopher touch turn to liquid gold? It’s starting to look that way. Christopher boostrapped his first company, Sweet Leaf Tea, in 1998, brewing his grandmother’s sweet tea recipe in pillowcases and […]Read More