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Millennials & Money

TOO MUCH DEBT AND NOT ENOUGH FINANCIAL LITERACY By Chad W. Forsberg & John F. Ware, III The Millennial generation is now more than 80 million strong and has become the largest generation in the U.S. Given the youngest members of this generation are just teens, they are going to drive the economy of Texas […]Read More

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Need to Raise Capital?

INVESTOR CROWDFUNDING IS THE NEW PLAY FOR SMALL BUSINESS Small businesses often have a tough time getting the money they need to get started. Banks have cut back on small business loans, and alternate lenders often charge high interest rates. But because of a Texas law passed in 2014, small businesses can tap into a […]Read More

Departments From the CFO

When Will You Retire?

WHAT WILL YOU DO WITH YOUR BUSINESS? By Scott J. Storey The answer to “When will you retire?” takes into account five factors and some number crunching for a theoretical future event. Planners have fancy tools to test the bounds of the question, and through a series of possible scenarios, can give business owners data […]Read More