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The Future of Work

ROBOTS ARE HERE TO HELP  By Kris Fitzgerald Modern business operations have fundamentally changed over the last 100—and even the last 20— years. Terms that were once buzzwords for a select few—like “automation,” “Internet of Things,” “machine learning” and “artificial intelligence” (AI)—have become cornerstones of the evolving business landscape. Today, executives must understand how to […]Read More

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Austin 2018 Economic Forecast – Acceleration

By Sarah Weber For the first time in its history, the Texas CEO Magazine Economic Forecast featured a panel composed entirely of tech leaders. And where better to host that panel than in Austin, the Texas city that is quickly becoming the next tech frontier? The Austin forecast, presented in conjunction with the Baylor University […]Read More

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If I Were the CEO, I’d Want to Know

By Robin Goad That was the subject line of an email I sent to Michael Dell in the summer of 2011, recapping a conversation between a Wall Street bank CIO and several thought leaders at a dinner party in NYC. The subject of the conversation that evening was Artificial Intelligence. At the time, I was […]Read More


The Role of Knowledge Workers & AI

John Rauscher’s Automated Reporting Lightens Knowledge Workers’ Loads By Dacia  Rivers Service activities account for more than 80 percent of the GDP, and more than half of those activities include what’s known as “knowledge work.” Knowledge workers are workers like physicians, lawyers and academics, whose jobs involve reasoning through problems alone and with others, and […]Read More


AI Toys: Tiny Desktop Robots Come to Life as Emoters

By Dacia Rivers Tamagotchi pets were a big hit with kids in the late 90s. Created in Japan, these tiny, handheld gadgets contained computer images of various animals, which users could feed and care for all the way from hatching to old age. Brad Knox, CEO of Emoters, is taking the Tamagotchi concept to the […]Read More

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Investing in AI

HOW MACHINE LEARNING & ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE ARE REVOLUTIONIZING FINANCIAL ANALYSIS By Ron Breitigam Hedge Funds and money managers have come a long way from the days of handwritten financial models. In fact, stock and commodity exchanges report that more than 80 percent of today’s trade decisions are computer driven. But a broader change is underway […]Read More


Lending Nurses a Robotic Hand

Hospital nurses are some of the most in-demand employees in the health care industry but, with staffing shortages in hospitals across the country, they are often stretched beyond their capabilities on the job. With her new company, Diligent Droidz, Austinite and UT professor Andrea Thomaz hopes to give these overworked nurses an extra hand . […]Read More


Putting An End to Marketing Grunt Work

FROM AD AGENCY TO AI: MEET MIKE PRATT OF PANAMPLIFY By Dacia Rivers About two years ago, the co-founders of Dallas-based Panamplify were running a six-year-old advertising agency, working with huge brands such as Coke and Smirnoff, when CEO Mike Pratt began to wonder if every advertising business was bleeding the way his was. The […]Read More

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The Rise of the Marketing Machines

HOW MACHINE LEARNING WILL ONE DAY REVOLUTIONIZE MARKETING By Scott Thomas Artificial intelligence, once restricted to NASA and sci-fi movies, is gradually becoming a prominent buzzword in the world of marketing technology. However, the widespread adoption of artificial intelligence in marketing is likely several years away as its application is not yet fully developed. But […]Read More

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Transforming Retail, Health Care & Financial Services

AKSHAY SABHIKHI BRINGS PRACTICAL AI TO THE MARKETPLACE By Dacia Rivers While most GPS applications serve only as roadmaps, Waze also uses consumer-supplied data to warn drivers of potential obstacles such as speed traps, highway construction or debris on the road ahead. Austin’s Akshay Sabhikhi says that with his company, CognitiveScale, he’s setting out to […]Read More