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The Top Skill That Motivates Our Future Workforce

By Anne Boysen In a time when existing jobs are becoming automated and recruiters are struggling to find talent, understanding which skills the next crop of employees and entrepreneurs consider important will be nothing less than pivotal for businesses and for the overall economy. For a research project with the US-based non-profit organization Knowledge Works, […]Read More

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The New Career Ladder

RETAINING MILLENNIAL TALENT IN AN EVOLVING PROFESSIONAL WORLD  By Sarah Weber Once upon a time, the career ladder was fairly straightforward: graduate from college, land an entry-level job, work hard and develop the skills required to rise through the ranks at that same company for 20-plus years. Today, however, the trajectory isn’t so clear, as […]Read More


Globalization: It’s a Plus for Texas

By Donna Steph Rian Texas has quietly evolved during the past several decades from traditional economic dependence on single industries — which can suffer during the shift to interconnected global markets — into a global-trade powerhouse. Unfettered by reliance on a single industry, the Lone Star State is wide open to benefit from international trade […]Read More

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The New Workforce

ROBOTS AND HUMANS, INNOVATING TOGETHER  By Cliff Justice When we hear the term “robot,” we think of a machine that is programmed by a human and instructed by a computer, to carry out primarily physical tasks. General Motors introduced this basic type of robot into its Detroit assembly line in 1961 and, since then, robots […]Read More

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Why I Hire Millennials

By Matt Mayes Last year in a conversation with one of our college interns, the discussion turned to politics. While we all know it’s not advisable to discuss politics in the workplace, it’s not an a-typical part of the corporate culture at our small, 12 employee food manufacturing company. The topic was Bernie Sanders and […]Read More

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When Generations Collide

DESIGNING THE NEW MULTI-GENERATIONAL WORKPLACE By Dean Strombom This is the first time in history when five generations of employees may co-exist in the workplace: the Silent Generation, Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials or Gen Y, and Gen Z. At the same time, older employees are delaying retirement while Gen Z, the generation we know […]Read More

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How One Gen X CEO Cultivates Her Millennials

FIVE STEPS TO A HIGH-FUNCTIONING WORKFORCE By Keeli Jernigan Today’s workforce is teeming with Millennials – they are often are characterized as impatient for promotions and expecting continuous praise. While that may be true in some cases, the fact is, Millennials are already the lifeblood of today’s corporations. They have become the largest portion of […]Read More


Workforce Diversity

ATTACK THE GENDER GAP IN TEXAS TODAY FOR SUCCESS TOMORROW  By Patricia A. Milligan Texas’s business leaders should ask themselves if they have adequately addressed the issue of gender equality and are on a path to building greater workforce diversity – tomorrow’s workforce is taking shape today. Everyone can learn from the example set by […]Read More