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Healthy Employees Are Healthy For Business

By James Polfreman I’ve heard it said “health affects work, and work affects health.” But employee health is vastly underrated in many organizations across the country. Even the employee population of many wellness and health care businesses—the industry that should be healthiest of all—is representative of the general population. Some are overweight, some have physical […]Read More


Employee Wellness

OBLIGATION OR OPPORTUNITY? By Todd Whitthorne An effective CEO shouldn’t spend too much time worrying about today, or even tomorrow for that matter. Instead, CEOs need to ask, “How should I be preparing my organization for the next five to ten years?” Obviously managing health care will be a primary concern. But what about health? […]Read More


Healthy Strategies

CORPORATE WELLNESS PROGRAMS IN TEXAS By David G. Vequist IV, Ph.D. “The health care problem is the No. 1 problem of America and of American business. It’s the tapeworm, essentially, of the American economy, and we have not dealt with that yet.” Warren Buffet   When The Dallas Morning News reported last year that, in […]Read More

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Health Care: A Snapshot of Today & A Look Forward

The transition facing health care—to improve quality and reduce costs—might seem like a simple thing. But it’s not. The industry is keeping its eyes on trends like large mergers and acquisitions, growing Accountable Care Organizations, payment mechanisms, administrative costs, access to health care by the uninsured, and chronic disease management. At the same time, technology […]Read More


Is Wellness In Your Culture?

GET ON THE RIGHT PATH TO CHANGING BY CHOICE  By Shara Rutiaga Wellness in the workplace has been a mainstream concept on the minds of benefits professionals for nearly two decades. When asking friends and family whether they have a wellness program at work, the response is usually, “ Yes.” Why are some programs more […]Read More