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Water in Twenty-First Century Texas

WHAT THE PAST TELLS US ABOUT THE FUTURE By Jay L. Banner, Ph.D. & Eric S. Hersh, Ph.D., P.E.  It can be said that as goes Texas so goes our nation, in terms of both the challenges and potential associated with economic, demographic, and natural resource changes that are common to our state and country. […]Read More

Easing the Pain of Relocation

FOUR WAYS CEOS CAN REDUCE THE STRESS OF CHANGE By Art Markman, Ph.D. The State of Texas has worked hard to attract companies. The combination of incentives, reasonably inexpensive real estate, low taxes, and great weather has been appealing enough get organizations including Toyota, Facebook, and Goodman to locate significant installations in the Lone Star […]Read More

5 Truths CEOs Need to Know About Oil Prices

By Adrienne Dawson For those who remember 1986, the current cost of oil is alarming. And for those in Texas who have or will lose their jobs, it’s hard to take comfort in a bullish forecast that could be years away. As of February 6, we’ve seen 402 oil and gas rigs idled in the […]Read More

The Age of the Data Breach

A PLAN FOR CEOS By Suzanne Barber, Ph.D. It’s hard to turn on the news these days without hearing of some kind of data breach. As lawmakers and the media’s attention to security grows, so does the impact of data breaches on those at the leadership level of businesses. The 277 CEOs whose companies experienced […]Read More