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How Do You Create a Culture of Innovation in the

Photography by Shannon Drawe A slip of paper pulled out of a fortune cookie spoke to Mike Sanford: “Embrace innovation and opportunities will follow.” Sanford, the director of virtual design and lean construction at SpawGlass Contractors, said it’s tough to embrace innovation — especially in the construction industry. But he said it can be done, […]Read More

All the Wrong Moves

HOW IGNORING IT HURTS HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS IN TEXAS AND BEYOND By Tony Streeter Recently, a Texas state representative told a disturbing story about one school administration in his district. With business grants given to the school, the district had compiled enough funds for a computer lab. However, someone in the school’s senior leadership felt […]Read More

Lending Nurses a Robotic Hand

Hospital nurses are some of the most in-demand employees in the health care industry but, with staffing shortages in hospitals across the country, they are often stretched beyond their capabilities on the job. With her new company, Diligent Droidz, Austinite and UT professor Andrea Thomaz hopes to give these overworked nurses an extra hand . […]Read More

5 Tech Trends

WILL DISRUPTION DOUBLE OR DESTROY YOUR BUSINESS?  By Tim Hamilton We are all familiar with industries that have been upended by recent technology innovations. Whether it is Wikipedia relegating encyclopedias to the history books, Netflix taking over the home entertainment industry, or Uber disrupting transportation, next generation business models are rapidly overtaking traditional ways of serving […]Read More

What Pokemon Go Can Teach Us

PUTTING TECHNOLOGY TO USE CAPTURING CUSTOMERS, TOO By Stephen Wright It’s a solid bet that most people reading Texas CEO don’t make a lot of time for video games. Over the past few weeks, however, it’s been impossible to ignore one game in particular: Pokémon Go, which has already become a historic hit with mobile gamers […]Read More

Texas CEOs Using AI to Change Business

SPARKCOGNITION CEO AMIR HUSAIN USES AI TO SAVE TIME, MONEY AND MAKE THE WORLD A SAFER PLACE By Dacia Rivers “Artificial intelligence is possibly the most profound thing that’s happening in the world of business and in the world of technology.” Amir Husain Amir Husain, CEO of Austin-based AI company SparkCognition, is thrilled about the […]Read More

Innovative Texas Businesses: Empowering Consumers

 Julia Cheek’s EverlyWell Health & Wellness Testing By Dacia Rivers These days, the cutting edge can be a swiftly moving target. The companies that get to the top are those meeting customers’ needs in a high-tech, fast-paced, on-demand world. It takes a brilliant business plan, perseverance, innovation, money and patience. The Product Technology is changing […]Read More

2016 Economic Forecast: Austin

By Ray Niekamp, Managing Editor Photography by Jonathan Garza OVERVIEW The decline in the energy sector, caused by $45 oil, has attracted a lot of attention this year, but as Keith Phillips of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas – San Antonio Branch said, “There’s a lot of things going on here besides oil and […]Read More

Future Water Solutions

BRINGING TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATION TO FARMING & FRACTURING By Katharine Hayhoe & Emily Powell West Texas sits atop one of the world’s largest aquifers. Abundant water from the Ogallala has made the High Plains of Texas into the largest continuous area of intensive agriculture in the world. Towns and cities, farming and ranching, and, increasingly, […]Read More

Screw the Valley

By Dacia Rivers Peruse most business publications’ list of the best cities in the U.S. for fledgling tech companies, and chances are, you’ll see Austin in the ranks – usually near the top. Austin, and Texas as whole, has been getting a lot of attention on a national and even international basis for being a […]Read More