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The Border Adjustment Tax

SWEEPING CHANGES FOR THE MIDDLE MARKET By Tom Rourick Most change in public tax policy is conducted at the margin to minimize disruption to ongoing commercial activity. This will not be the case if the U.S. Congress’ proposed sweeping corporate tax reform and destination-based cash flow with border adjustment is implemented. In short, it would […]Read More

Departments From the CFO

Business Tax Issues for 2017

STAYING AHEAD IN A VOLATILE LANDSCAPE By Randy Sledge In a business environment CEOs have described as uncertain and disruptive, it is critical for CFOs, board members and tax departments to keep a close eye on key tax issues. As tax continues to be a key driver of success in 21st-century organizations, especially as prospects […]Read More

Departments From the CFO

International Tax Planning

7 TAX QUESTIONS U.S. COMPANIES SHOULD CONSIDER BEFORE EXPANDING OVERSEAS By Jim Carter Establishing and maintaining an effective tax strategy for an internationally active business — or a business preparing to expand across borders — has never been easy. It requires the foresight to adapt tax strategies that fit the organization’s future plans, as well […]Read More


Tax Reform: What To Watch For In 2017

By Philip Green and Tim Urban Amid the list of changes we are likely to see with the new administration, it is becoming clear that a fundamental shift in US tax policy is a high priority for both the new president and Republican-controlled Congress. The drivers of this movement are significant: the statutory corporate income […]Read More