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The Pool of Social Media

FINDING THE NARCISSISM/ALTRUISM BALANCE By John Demartini, D.C. Facebook reports 1.13 billion active users as of June 2016. Like other popular forms of social media, Facebook pits narcissism against altruism at a near-mythological level. To achieve balance — to build a lasting brand — both traits are equally important, and one extreme or the other initiates […]Read More

Where Passion Meets Demand

SHAMA HYDER INFUSES MARKETING WITH ENTHUSIASM AND MOMENTUM  By Dacia Rivers Photography by Shannon Drawe  THEN When Shama Hyder graduated with a master’s degree from the University of Texas, she was ready to jump straight into the workplace. She envisioned herself working for a large company, learning the ropes and contributing to that business’s success. […]Read More

Three Things Millennial Business Owners Can Teach Baby Boomer CEOs

REFINING BEST PRACTICES WITH THE NEW GUARD  By Alexis Wier Venture capitalists and big-pocket investors bet on business concepts that reject conventional business models in favor of new ideas that increase efficiency, provide superior service and generate greater profits. These ‘disruptors’ include Uber deconstructing the taxi business, Airbnb in the hospitality industry and Dollar Shave […]Read More