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Managing Conflict

FIVE TIPS FOR TEAMS AND ORGANIZATIONS By Sal Mistry, PhD According to the late expert Richard Hackman, only 25 percent of teams utilize effective processes such as coordination and communication, and nearly 60 to 70 percent fail to achieve their objectives in any given project or situation. The culprit? Team members consistently point to internal […]Read More

Attention Millennials: You Can Influence Boomers

SIX TIPS TO PERSUADE BOOMERS By Sal Mistry, PhD According to Pew Research, approximately 45 million baby boomers are in the workforce. Not surprisingly, these individuals tend to occupy the senior-most positions within organizations. Millennials, now 53.5 million strong, however often occupy entry-level roles. This imbalance between younger and older workers often creates tension, primarily […]Read More

What’s More Important?

PICKING THE RIGHT PONY OR SELECTING, ENABLING, AND GUIDING THE RIGHT JOCKEY? By Sal Mistry, Ph.D. In other words, is it more important for executives to choose the “right” business strategy or is it more important to focus on how to execute on the chosen strategy? The answer: both. The Problem Based on my academic […]Read More

Taking Action is Good for Design and Business

WHEN IT COMES TO DESIGN, ACTION BEATS PLANNING EVERY TIME By Kate Canales If you read mainstream business publications, then you’ve probably noticed the word “design” popping up quite a lot in recent years. With headlines like Design-led Business and Good Design is Good Business, it would be hard to miss the trend. And with […]Read More