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Need to Raise Capital?

UP TO $1 MILLION DEALS VIA INVESTOR CROWDFUNDING Photography by Jonathan Garza Raising capital can always be a challenge, but recent developments are making it easier. Investment crowdfunding has been around in Texas for the last year, and recently, the Securities and Exchange Commission approved investment crowdfunding across the United States. What that means is […]Read More

2016 Economic Forecast: Dallas

By Ray Niekamp, Managing Editor Photography by Jonathan Garza OVERVIEW The decline in the energy sector, caused by $45 oil, has attracted a lot of attention this year, but as Keith Phillips of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas – San Antonio Branch said, “There’s a lot of things going on here besides oil and […]Read More

The Texas Housing Market

Austin By Chris Heller Every month, a big event – South by Southwest, the Austin City Limits Music Festival, Formula 1 – attracts visitors to Austin from around the world. They take in the scene and decide they’re ready to move. Their first challenge is finding a place to live. Their second challenge is finding […]Read More