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Trade Secrets vs. Patents

HAS THE DECISION CLIMATE CHANGED? By Court B. Allen Many proprietary inventions are eligible for protection under either trade secret law or patent law. For example, a novel computer program, chemical compound or manufacturing process useful in conducting a business may be protectable as either a trade secret or a patent, depending on certain facts […]Read More

How U.S. Law Shapes American Design

THE EVOLUTION OF IP DESIGN PROTECTION By Carma Gorman A designer, or team of designers, works hard to come up with a distinctive look for a product. It could be an item of furniture, or high-tech equipment, or even clothing. But if those designers work in the United States, their design might not be what […]Read More

Competitive Intelligence

FIVE WAYS BIG COMPANIES STAY AHEAD OF THE COMPETITION By Steve Pearson To save time or money, or perhaps due to a lack of knowledge, smaller and mid-sized companies often skip competitive research. Acting without research can open the door to poorly executed innovation, expensive strategy missteps, unrecovered R&D costs, an unsupported or unknown level […]Read More