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Is Manufacturing In China The Best Option?

WHAT TO DO WHEN YOUR PRODUCT DESIGN IS STOLEN  By Andrew Eisenberg  Manufacturing in China is not exactly a legal topic; however, it’s a concept attorneys and clients regularly discuss. It’s a cost effective way to produce products, but is it the best option? The Start-Up Scenario  When a start-up is centered around a product, […]Read More


HOW TO BOOST THEIR VALUE TO INVESTORS, COMPETITORS & PARTNERS By Andrew Eisenberg When the owner of a company embarks on the path toward intellectual property protection, their mindset tends to focus solely on the idea itself, not with the possibilities that might lie beyond it. However, the value of a patent only starts with […]Read More

How U.S. Law Shapes American Design

THE EVOLUTION OF IP DESIGN PROTECTION By Carma Gorman A designer, or team of designers, works hard to come up with a distinctive look for a product. It could be an item of furniture, or high-tech equipment, or even clothing. But if those designers work in the United States, their design might not be what […]Read More

Competitive Intelligence

FIVE WAYS BIG COMPANIES STAY AHEAD OF THE COMPETITION By Steve Pearson To save time or money, or perhaps due to a lack of knowledge, smaller and mid-sized companies often skip competitive research. Acting without research can open the door to poorly executed innovation, expensive strategy missteps, unrecovered R&D costs, an unsupported or unknown level […]Read More