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Ask the Cover CEO: What are Your Secrets to Innovation?

HOW DO YOU BUILD A CULTURE OF INNOVATION WHERE THE BEST IDEA WINS RATHER THAN THE SAME IDEA? “Fear and caution are the killers of creativity, so it’s the job of leadership to encourage and applaud wildcatting. But while still keeping an eye on the scale of investment and the likelihood of future returns.” “To […]Read More

5 Keys to Innovating Within Your Organization

HOW TO FLY BEYOND THE STATUS QUO By Josh Team The harsh truth of innovation is that it’s fundamentally challenging to any organization. It questions an organization’s core beliefs, and it casts into sharp relief the decisions leaders have made, the alternative paths they could have pursued and the myriad options that lie ahead. But […]Read More

Innovative Texas Businesses – Maintaining the Home of the Future

 David Carolan’s SmartHome Hero By Dacia Rivers These days, the cutting edge can be a swiftly moving target. The companies that get to the top are those meeting customers’ needs in a high-tech, fast-paced, on-demand world. It takes a brilliant business plan, perseverance, innovation, money and patience. The Product Informed and connected customers are happy […]Read More

Innovative Texas Businesses – A New Frontier in Mobile Security

VICTOR COCCHIA’S VYSK TURNS YOUR PHONE INTO FORT KNOX By Dacia Rivers The Product Mobile security has been a hot topic for several years now, as highly publicized security breaches make headlines at an alarming rate. This has left mobile providers scrambling to update their software to keep hackers out — a stopgap that only […]Read More

A Peek Behind the Curtain: How Do Successful Companies Innovate?

By Gail Stout Perry The topic of innovation can be daunting, filled with vague terminology and mysterious processes. How does an organization innovate? How does one create a culture of innovation? And how does one guard against — or create — disruptive innovation? And what does all of the above even mean? Steve Jobs said […]Read More

Go Deep, Go Wide

THE WINNING FORMULA FOR BRANDING AT MCGARRAH JESSEE By Dacia Rivers Photography by Jonathan Garza Branding is one of those business buzzwords that can be difficult to define. Mark McGarrah suggests, “Branding is giving a personality to the emotional connection a brand has with their constituencies.” All you need to do is watch the memorable […]Read More

Competitive Intelligence

FIVE WAYS BIG COMPANIES STAY AHEAD OF THE COMPETITION By Steve Pearson To save time or money, or perhaps due to a lack of knowledge, smaller and mid-sized companies often skip competitive research. Acting without research can open the door to poorly executed innovation, expensive strategy missteps, unrecovered R&D costs, an unsupported or unknown level […]Read More

Taking Action is Good for Design and Business

WHEN IT COMES TO DESIGN, ACTION BEATS PLANNING EVERY TIME By Kate Canales If you read mainstream business publications, then you’ve probably noticed the word “design” popping up quite a lot in recent years. With headlines like Design-led Business and Good Design is Good Business, it would be hard to miss the trend. And with […]Read More

The Texas Migration Miracle

INNOVATION, EDS & MEDS IS OUR FUTURE By Jim Russell Towards the end of March 2015, the United States Census Bureau published the latest population estimates for metro areas and counties. A demographer at West Virginia University expressed surprise at the data decline for Ohio County in the Marcellus Shale region, “It’s puzzling, because the […]Read More


FIVE KEYS TO AN ENGAGED AND INNOVATIVE CULTURE By Carrie Vanston Experience shows that the companies that stay innovative are the most likely to succeed and thrive. They must constantly look for the latest emerging trends and incorporate the most relevant ones into their business strategy. Not surprisingly, these companies are usually the ones that […]Read More