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To GC or Not to GC

KEYS TO HIRING EXCEPTIONAL GENERAL COUNSEL By W. Brian Memory & James R. Nowlin Companies in nearly every industry struggle with the difficult decisions of when and how to hire General Counsel. While these questions routinely surface in business planning and board meetings, the answers can be difficult to come by. The most common questions […]Read More

Bootstrapping the Family Business

THE NOVAK GROUP CREATES A TOUCHSTONE FOR DOING BUSINESS WITH FAMILY By Dacia Rivers Photography by Jonathan Garza THEN Family businesses typically have a high failure rate—as high as 70 percent, according to the Harvard Business Review. Working with family can mean personal struggles, hiring people who aren’t as qualified as they should be, or […]Read More

Opportunity Driven Leadership

BUILDING ENDURING GROWTH AFTER BANKRUPTCY  By Jim Taylor  Gordon Bethune, the former CEO of Continental Airlines, speaks for every CEO when he summarized what leaders face after a bankruptcy. “A bankruptcy judge can fix your balance sheet,” Mr. Bethune said, “but he cannot fix your company.” He is absolutely right. Bankruptcies don’t happen by chance. […]Read More

The Quest for Insanely Great Employees

HOW DAN GRAHAM AND BUILDASIGN HIT THE GROUND RUNNING By Dacia Rivers Photography by Jonathan Garza THEN Bootstrapping a business requires commitment, flexibility and action. When Dan Graham and his business partners decided to launch BuildASign.com in 2005, they put those traits into action staying flexible as the business model evolved into the success story […]Read More

CEO Growth Check List

By Diane Warren Growth In Leading * Do a SWOT with your team (determine your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) to kick off the new year * Identify the SWOT elements you can change, improve or control * Include the SWOT elements in your plan for the new year * Review the focus on culture […]Read More

Texas Tomorrow

WHERE WILL WE BE IN 2065? By Jon Roberts In 1994, the human population of Texas exceeded that of cattle for the first time in the state’s history. As milestones go, this was marked by little fanfare, yet it’s definitely worth noting. Why? One interpretation is that this signaled the move away from natural resources […]Read More

Four Keys to Winning the Battle for Talent

By Manny Fernandez Texas has become a destination of choice for companies seeking to relocate. But amid all of the good that comes when the economy is flourishing, one thing that keeps executives awake at night is the increasing competition for talent. If the Texas economy continues to grow, look for efforts to recruit and […]Read More

The Wake Up Call

THE THREE PEOPLE WHO CHANGED MY BUSINESS & MY LIFE By Steve Satterwhite Somewhere, around 3 a.m., I got the call. I heard the first few broken words mixed with shock, pain and grief. My best friend, attorney and business partner had died suddenly and unexpectedly that night. It was too hard to believe. It […]Read More