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Is Wellness In Your Culture?

GET ON THE RIGHT PATH TO CHANGING BY CHOICE  By Shara Rutiaga Wellness in the workplace has been a mainstream concept on the minds of benefits professionals for nearly two decades. When asking friends and family whether they have a wellness program at work, the response is usually, “ Yes.” Why are some programs more […]Read More

Build a Drug Free Workplace You Can Be Proud Of

HOW TO CREATE, TEST & ADMINISTER A DRUG POLICY FOR A SAFER OPERATION By Clinton Burgess Unlike some states, Texas holds no laws governing drug testing for private employers. In a 2013 survey, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Resources discovered that out of all Americans 12-years-old and older, 9.4 percent used illicit drugs […]Read More

How to Invest in Employee Production

THREE BENEFITS IN USING THE POWER OF MINDFULNESS  by Erika Marcoux Mindfulness is sweeping across the United States and its importance to an organization’s success is supported by an ever-growing body of scientific evidence. Large companies like Google, Yahoo, Intel, and Target publicly attribute mindfulness in increasing bottom-line results. What does the CEO need to […]Read More

Investment in Our People

BUILDING AN ACADEMY – IT’S MORE THAN OJT By Brad Harwick As business leaders, there are a plethora of needs demanding attention each day. Staying focused on the organization’s mission and economic prosperity should be at the top of this list. And, supportive of both of these priorities are the people employed to carry out […]Read More

CEO Secrets To Building Human Capital

TI CEO RICH TEMPLETON OFFERS A SEAT AT THE ROUNDTABLE  By Dacia Rivers Photography by Jonathan Garza Despite spending the past 35 years at Texas Instruments, with the past 11 in the CEO chair, Rich Templeton isn’t even the longest-working employee at the Dallas-based semiconductor company – not by a long shot. TI has a […]Read More

Employee Engagement by Design

CREATING A NEW LEVEL OF RESPECT FOR YOUR EMPLOYEES By Dean Strombom There are lots of things that keep the average CEO up at night: economic volatility, attracting and retaining talent, changing technology, global competition, geopolitics, etc. Workplace design is probably not in the top ten. But, it should be. Benefits of a Branded Workplace […]Read More

Easing the Pain of Relocation

FOUR WAYS CEOS CAN REDUCE THE STRESS OF CHANGE By Art Markman, Ph.D. The State of Texas has worked hard to attract companies. The combination of incentives, reasonably inexpensive real estate, low taxes, and great weather has been appealing enough get organizations including Toyota, Facebook, and Goodman to locate significant installations in the Lone Star […]Read More

Four Keys to Winning the Battle for Talent

By Manny Fernandez Texas has become a destination of choice for companies seeking to relocate. But amid all of the good that comes when the economy is flourishing, one thing that keeps executives awake at night is the increasing competition for talent. If the Texas economy continues to grow, look for efforts to recruit and […]Read More