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The Modern Day Open Door Policy

5 WAYS TO FOSTER A CULTURE OF COLLABORATION & INSPIRE SUCCESS  By Michael Walsh Doors. To someone with any experience in an office setting, they symbolize the barrier or separation between those with authority and those without. As the saying goes, “all the big deals take place behind closed doors.” Before the internet blurred the […]Read More

Health Care: A Snapshot of Today & A Look Forward

The transition facing health care—to improve quality and reduce costs—might seem like a simple thing. But it’s not. The industry is keeping its eyes on trends like large mergers and acquisitions, growing Accountable Care Organizations, payment mechanisms, administrative costs, access to health care by the uninsured, and chronic disease management. At the same time, technology […]Read More

Profits Hidden in Employee Health

By Erika Marcoux Healthy employees are essential to the continued growth and productivity of any company. Employee wellness programs can potentially save companies hundreds of thousands of dollars in health care costs. Most illness is stress related and directly preventable. The workplace is ideal for promoting healthy habits of employees that can transform corporate culture […]Read More

Boomerang Employees Are the New Black

SEND THEM AWAY, THEN BRING THEM BACK  By Chelsea Woodhead Consider the following scenario: a recruiter works tirelessly to land top talent, coordinating rounds and rounds of interviews and finally making an impressive hire. The new hire, Jane, is a cultural hit, and her impact is immediate. Profits soar and the company’s Glassdoor rating skyrockets. […]Read More

How CEOs Can Spark Employee Creativity

Why Being Bad Can Be Good By Jing Zhou                                                         Organization leaders often overlook a crucial tool for success: the creativity of their own employees. Creative workers, by definition, build novel and useful products and methods. Their creativity plays an essential role in the success of their organizations, giving leaders new perspective and fashioning familiar products, […]Read More

A Peek Behind the Curtain: How Do Successful Companies Innovate?

By Gail Stout Perry The topic of innovation can be daunting, filled with vague terminology and mysterious processes. How does an organization innovate? How does one create a culture of innovation? And how does one guard against — or create — disruptive innovation? And what does all of the above even mean? Steve Jobs said […]Read More

The Looking Glass

GROW A BUSINESS THAT REFLECTS ITS ENVIRONMENT By Andrew Philipp  Earlier this year, the Kauffman Foundation Index on Startup Activity, the largest index tracking entrepreneurship across the United States, reported an unexpected change. Not only did the 2015 Index reveal the reversal of a five-year downward trend in entrepreneurship activity, but this reversal came as […]Read More

Developing the Team

FIVE WAYS TO GROW YOUR MOST IMPORTANT ASSETS By Debbie Johnson When we think of growth in business terms we usually think of increasing either revenue or profit. Financials are certainly the lifeblood of business but so are the people who make them happen. Surely the growth of our personnel is equally vital to our […]Read More

No Jerks Allowed

SIX WAYS WE’VE KEPT OUR BEST EMPLOYEES By Jeffrey Palermo We’ve all seen it happen — employees who bail out before a project is due, leaving co-workers working late to get a project done; who agree to tasks and deadlines, but don’t deliver on their promises; or who take credit for the work performed by […]Read More

The Quest for Insanely Great Employees

HOW DAN GRAHAM AND BUILDASIGN HIT THE GROUND RUNNING By Dacia Rivers Photography by Jonathan Garza THEN Bootstrapping a business requires commitment, flexibility and action. When Dan Graham and his business partners decided to launch BuildASign.com in 2005, they put those traits into action staying flexible as the business model evolved into the success story […]Read More