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Four Keys to Winning the Battle for Talent

By Manny Fernandez Texas has become a destination of choice for companies seeking to relocate. But amid all of the good that comes when the economy is flourishing, one thing that keeps executives awake at night is the increasing competition for talent. If the Texas economy continues to grow, look for efforts to recruit and […]Read More

What Texas CEOs Have to Say . . .

. . . ABOUT THE KEYS TO A CULTURAL TRANSFORMATION By Nancy Benthien The very first issue of Texas CEO Magazine focused on how CEOs create a powerful corporate culture. Since then, culture has been a recurring topic covered from many viewpoints. A look at the current home page of the magazine’s website lists three […]Read More

Cultural Malware

HOW DISENGAGEMENT, DISRUPTION, AND DYSFUNCTION ARE YOUR REAL COMPETITION By Greg Bustin Cybersecurity attacks breach companies’ defenses, tarnish corporate reputations and hack an estimated $400 billion each year from their bottom line. Government regulations shackle company performance, adding $216 billion in costs in 2012 alone – twice the previous highest single year increase. And the […]Read More


FIVE KEYS TO AN ENGAGED AND INNOVATIVE CULTURE By Carrie Vanston Experience shows that the companies that stay innovative are the most likely to succeed and thrive. They must constantly look for the latest emerging trends and incorporate the most relevant ones into their business strategy. Not surprisingly, these companies are usually the ones that […]Read More