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A Digital Approach To Talent Management in Health Care

By Carole Faig Today’s health care consumer expects a speedier, more connected experience, and the industry continues to be challenged by the ever-increasing need for value, optimization and efficiency amid a constantly evolving and uncertain regulatory environment. Organizations have to figure out how to work in a way that is quicker, smarter and more cost-effective. […]Read More

Business Tax Issues for 2017

STAYING AHEAD IN A VOLATILE LANDSCAPE By Randy Sledge In a business environment CEOs have described as uncertain and disruptive, it is critical for CFOs, board members and tax departments to keep a close eye on key tax issues. As tax continues to be a key driver of success in 21st-century organizations, especially as prospects […]Read More

Data, Privacy and Brand Trust

WHAT THE PRIVACY SHIELD TREATY MEANS FOR TEXAS BUSINESSES By Matt Goulet In late June, UK voters took to the polls to weigh in on their future as members of the European Union. Britain’s exit from the EU (“Brexit”) left markets wavering as the world wondered what it would all mean for the global economy. […]Read More