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Austin – 2017 Economic Forecast: Resilient

By Dacia Rivers Photography by Jonathan Garza Speakers at the 2017 Economic Forecast event in Austin focused on higher ed, post-recession job growth, successful start-up ecosystems, the future of artificial intelligence and the area’s booming real estate market. The event was moderated by David Reid, Executive Director of the Baylor Angel Network. Regional Economy Dr. […]Read More

If I Were the CEO, I’d Want to Know

By Robin Goad That was the subject line of an email I sent to Michael Dell in the summer of 2011, recapping a conversation between a Wall Street bank CIO and several thought leaders at a dinner party in NYC. The subject of the conversation that evening was Artificial Intelligence. At the time, I was […]Read More

Envisioning Artificial Intelligence

MANOJ SAXENA SAYS THE CORE IS SUPERCONVERGENCE When Manoj Saxena surveys what’s next in the world of computing, he sees a huge change coming that will transform the way we live our lives. The former general manager of IBM’s Watson project, which scours millions of pages of data to answer questions posed in natural language, […]Read More