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Need to Close More Deals?

HOW CEREBRI USES YOUR CLIENT’S DATA TO GENERATE MORE REVENUE FOR YOU By Dacia Rivers Ryan Lund, CEO of Cerebri, has found that artificial intelligence can help salespeople in any industry — and especially in large enterprises — make better sales decisions in today’s competitive business world. “If you’re using a CRM like Salesforce, there […]Read More

Putting An End to Marketing Grunt Work

FROM AD AGENCY TO AI: MEET MIKE PRATT OF PANAMPLIFY By Dacia Rivers About two years ago, the co-founders of Dallas-based Panamplify were running a six-year-old advertising agency, working with huge brands such as Coke and Smirnoff, when CEO Mike Pratt began to wonder if every advertising business was bleeding the way his was. The […]Read More

The Rise of the Marketing Machines

HOW MACHINE LEARNING WILL ONE DAY REVOLUTIONIZE MARKETING By Scott Thomas Artificial intelligence, once restricted to NASA and sci-fi movies, is gradually becoming a prominent buzzword in the world of marketing technology. However, the widespread adoption of artificial intelligence in marketing is likely several years away as its application is not yet fully developed. But […]Read More

Transforming Retail, Health Care & Financial Services

AKSHAY SABHIKHI BRINGS PRACTICAL AI TO THE MARKETPLACE By Dacia Rivers While most GPS applications serve only as roadmaps, Waze also uses consumer-supplied data to warn drivers of potential obstacles such as speed traps, highway construction or debris on the road ahead. Austin’s Akshay Sabhikhi says that with his company, CognitiveScale, he’s setting out to […]Read More

How AI Can Solve Your Worst Corporate Nightmare

DAVID COPPS’ BRAINSPACE IS HERE FOR COMPANIES IN CRISIS By Dacia Rivers Volkswagen made international headlines this year when the company had to shell out $15 billion after a high-profile emissions scandal rocked the automaker and left its future uncertain. It’s a prime example of the type of situation David Copps is trying to prevent […]Read More

What Pokemon Go Can Teach Us

PUTTING TECHNOLOGY TO USE CAPTURING CUSTOMERS, TOO By Stephen Wright It’s a solid bet that most people reading Texas CEO don’t make a lot of time for video games. Over the past few weeks, however, it’s been impossible to ignore one game in particular: Pokémon Go, which has already become a historic hit with mobile gamers […]Read More

Digital Labor & Human Capital

HOW TO INCREASE THE VALUE OF HUMAN CAPITAL IN A DIGITAL WORLD By Jonathan Crane Seven out of ten corporate executives say they are making significantly more investments in artificial intelligence (AI) than just two years ago, according to Accenture’s recent Technology Vision survey. And more than half say they plan to use machine learning […]Read More

Texas CEOs Using AI to Change Business

SPARKCOGNITION CEO AMIR HUSAIN USES AI TO SAVE TIME, MONEY AND MAKE THE WORLD A SAFER PLACE By Dacia Rivers “Artificial intelligence is possibly the most profound thing that’s happening in the world of business and in the world of technology.” Amir Husain Amir Husain, CEO of Austin-based AI company SparkCognition, is thrilled about the […]Read More

Of Hal, Skynet and iRobot

EVOLVING BUSINESS AND LEGAL ISSUES IN ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, BIG DATA AND THE INTERNET OF THINGS By Erin Fonte Discussions regarding artificial intelligence (AI) used to be limited to ComiCon and other sci-fi gatherings, or lunch time in the Stanford engineering school robotics department. But with recent changes in technology and the launch of products and […]Read More

Can AI Out-Sell Your Best Salesperson?

HOW THE AI SALES MODEL WORKS By Cindy Goldsberry “By 2020 customers will manage 85 percent of their relationship with an enterprise without interacting with a human.”            “Why Salespeople Need to Develop Machine Intelligence” Harvard Business Review Can Artificial Intelligence Outsell a Human? The answer is yes . . . and no. It depends […]Read More