Innovative Texas Businesses – A New Frontier in Mobile Security

 Innovative Texas Businesses – A New Frontier in Mobile Security


By Dacia Rivers

The Product

Mobile security has been a hot topic for several years now, as highly publicized security breaches make headlines at an alarming rate. This has left mobile providers scrambling to update their software to keep hackers out — a stopgap that only lasts so long. Enter Victor Cocchia of San Antonio — the man who has taken mobile security to a whole new level by creating Vysk, the first tool that combines software and hardware to create the most secure mobile device possible. It’s so secure that Cocchia travels the globe introducing Vysk to military, heads of state and CEOs to keep their information secure from major threats, including terrorism and election fraud.

From the outside, Vysk looks like your typical mobile device battery case. It snaps onto your phone (currently Vysk is available for iPhones only, but Cocchia says Android models are in the works) like a hard shell case, but it does a whole lot more. Vysk has a built-in camera shutter, allowing users to close off the camera lens on their phones so it can’t be remotely accessed or used without consent. Even cooler, the Vysk has a built-in microphone jammer that encrypts voice calls, disallowing anyone from eavesdropping on your calls. The partnering Vysk software keeps all of your data secure as well: text messages, photos and videos are all encrypted and kept safe, even in the cloud.

“We’ve created what is the most secure form of communication today; there’s nothing else like it,” Cocchia says. “We’re the only company in the world that does it in hardware and software, and we’re the only one that does it in a way that ensures no one can hear what you’re saying, not just when you’re on your phone, but when you’re in lockdown mode.”

The Brains

Cocchia is no stranger to innovation. He began a video compression business in the late 1990s, a time when doing so was right on the cutting edge.

Three years ago, Cocchia was helping to run Gore Design Completions in San Antonio and realized how much he needed a truly secure mobile device in his frequent travels and conversations with government and military officials. When that company sold, Cocchia dove into researching voice communications security, considering different applications before coming across the idea to integrate security into a phone case. From there, the idea blossomed. Cocchia brought on a great team of tech and marketing experts to make his vision become a reality.

“From there, we created this privacy juggernaut,” Cocchia says.

It’s not an overstatement. By the end of 2016, Cocchia estimates Vysk will be used in 30 countries on four continents.

The Drive

In the last 12 months, Vysk has received nine awards for innovation. It’s incredible feedback that has made Cocchia realize just how much the world needed something completely new in mobile security.

“When you’re building something, you want it to be successful, but more than anything else, you want it to make an impact,” Cocchia says. “What we’re doing has a true and quantifiable difference in the world, and that’s how we motivate ourselves, that’s how we push ourselves.”


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