Innovative Texas Businesses – Maintaining the Home of the Future

 Innovative Texas Businesses – Maintaining the Home of the Future

 David Carolan’s SmartHome Hero

By Dacia Rivers

These days, the cutting edge can be a swiftly moving target. The companies that get to the top are those meeting customers’ needs in a high-tech, fast-paced, on-demand world. It takes a brilliant business plan, perseverance, innovation, money and patience.

The Product

Informed and connected customers are happy customers, and that’s just where David Carolan set his sights when creating SmartHome Hero, a home resource management tool for consumers.

SmartHome Hero helps homeowners digitally organize all of the items in their home, allowing them to stay on top of their own home maintenance, buoying the home’s value and getting the support they need from the best professionals to work on their home’s unique makeup.

Carolan’s one-of-a-kind mobile and web software directly connects homeowners to the people who sold them their home’s products, along with those who performed the installation and even the manufacturers who made the items. The goal? Connecting consumers to the professionals who have the best information to help homeowners maintain, repair and upgrade the products in their homes.

This access removes barriers between the homeowners and the information about their homes, and also cuts down on how many people consumers may have to contact before finding a qualified professional with the maintenance or repair information they need.

“We think it’s a powerful and lower cost way to maintain your home,” Carolan says. “You’re dealing directly with the people who can support you the best.”

SmartHome Hero partners with new builders along with construction and installation companies, using their software to support home and appliance warranties. Energy savings is high on the list of Carolan’s priorities, so SmartHome Hero also connects with energy raters who inspect a home’s products and give new homes an energy score that can be passed along to consumers.

The product launched this spring, with early access to larger builders and customers, and will be available later in the year to the general public.

The Brains

With a home base in Houston, Carolan began SmartHome Hero three years ago in Austin, bringing his expertise from his career background in building and manufacturing building products. He founded Solid Green Companies and ran the business for six years before selling — though Carolan hung on to the software end of the business, which he felt offers a better means for making a bigger impact when it comes to energy and water savings, along with home management.

“Being a builder and a manufacturer, we were always looking for ways to be more effective at selling our products and interacting with customers,” Carolan says. “We’re also very interested in energy and water savings.”

Carolan says it’s difficult for customers to plan out a smart home with a lot of automation, without collaboration among a new home’s many stakeholders — and that was his goal with SmartHome Hero.

“If you have a home resource management system, and you’re connecting all the stakeholders, you can quickly get through the planning process to get customers what they really want, which is an energy efficient smart home that is easy to maintain,” Carolan says.


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