The CEO Guide to the Art of Handling Pressure

 The CEO Guide to the Art of Handling Pressure


By Stephanie Chung

Chief Executive Officers around the world have many things in common: the need for high achievement, remarkable problem solving skills, the desire to lead and a diligent work ethic are just a few. With the immense number of responsibilities these CEOs shoulder, it’s difficult to comprehend how they handle the high expectations and day-to-day pressures of the job, the least of which include meeting strict deadlines, satisfying employees and clients, and leading back-to-back meetings.

Many business leaders rely heavily on their seasoned entrepreneurial skills, earned through decades of experience, to work effectively and conscientiously. But novice CEOs quickly learn how challenging it is to manage numerous duties, paying close attention to each one in order to achieve results they can be proud of. Developing such expert-level management skills requires years of patience and practice, not to mention plenty of trial and error.

These tips can help prepare CEOs to lead a company while maintaining high productivity and efficient work habits. CEOs who apply these principles on a daily basis will soon notice an improvement in both their work and their well-being.

Prioritize Worthy Tasks

CEOs should consider their hourly pay rate when prioritizing their to-do list. Someone who earns $400 per hour must determine which tasks are worth the time to complete at that dollar amount. This way, leaders can focus their resources on the high value activities, rather than getting bogged down in the smaller tasks, to make sure they devote their best efforts to the top priorities.

Maintain Pre-Vacation Tenacity

Many people can relate to the feeling of working tirelessly to tie up loose ends before a vacation. The last day before a trip usually requires hyper focus and, frequently, delegation of tasks to accomplish everything before takeoff. CEOs who apply this rate of energy and level of focus on a daily basis will feel satisfied at the end of the day, having completed all of their tasks as carefully and efficiently as possible.

Focus on the Vision

Though children seem to have no limits to their imagination, as people get older, they forget to dream big. But it is the CEO’s job, as the “visionary” leader of the company, to think of the future of the business. Therefore, it is crucial to take a minute and step away from a stressful situation to let imagination flow. It can be inspiring to CEOs to open their minds to the big picture and envision the many possibilities that exist for the business. By taking time to focus on the vision, CEOs can advance the company’s innovative and creative work further than they’d ever thought possible.

Take Risks

Unlike surgeons, most CEOs don’t deal with life-or-death situations — no one is likely to die as a result of a business decision. This means business leaders are free — and, in fact, obligated — to take risks. Though they may result in negative outcomes occasionally, risky decisions are the best way to push the boundaries and enable a company to exceed expectations.

 Be Present at Home

To create brilliant and thoughtful work, CEOs should engage in their personal lives just as much, if not more, than their work lives. Despite the demands of the job, CEOs must focus on spending quality time with family and being present in their personal lives. This positive change will lead to a happier, more fulfilling life, thus inspiring more creative work.

As a CEO, it is very difficult to balance the countless pulls and responsibilities of a successful work and home life. By developing the powerful habits that can help them make the most of their valuable time, CEOs will become more adept at juggling every facet of the job, and better poised to make tough business decisions, achieve professional and personal goals and, most importantly, lead more fulfilling lives.

Stephanie Chung is an award-winning executive coach, sales mentor and keynote speaker with more than 25 years of team management, business development and sales leadership experience. Based in Dallas, Stephanie Chung and Associates offers sales and executive mentorship services nationwide.


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