Episode 1 : Taking a company public

In this episode we talk about what is it like to transition from a private-company CEO to public-company CEO? Join us in exploring three of the biggest shifts. We also talk about the recent push to expand public companies’ responsibility to groups beyond shareholders.Read More

Becoming A Smart City Requires Smart Leadership

INTENTIONAL INVESTMENT IN STRATEGY AND LEADERSHIP ARE CRITICAL By J. Lee Whittington, Ph.D. and K. Matthew Gilley, Ph.D. At the dawn of the internet age, Michael Porter, the renowned business strategist at Harvard Business School, warned that the Internet was not a strategy, but merely a tool for enhancing organizational effectiveness. We see a parallel […]Read More

Leadership in Response to Tragedy

CARING FOR EMPLOYEES AFTER THE LOSS OF A COWORKER By Scott J. Terres, MA, LPC-S, PhD Aside from knowing the business inside and out, staying up to date on industry trends and managing the client and shareholder relationships that enable the business to thrive, CEOs have one more critical responsibility: nurturing internal relationships. This task […]Read More