Tamara Trammell

Episode 49: The Tricky Art of Change Management

Whole tomes have been written on “change management” in the corporate sphere. While changing how humans think and behave is difficult, the process starts with the CEO addressing some basic questions for the organization. This week, Joel discusses what those questions are and why they form the necessary foundation of lasting collective change. Sponsored by: […]Read More

Episode 30 : Sustaining the Culture Through Crisis

For many leaders, company culture feels especially fractured right now. Most employees aren’t at the office, everyone’s feeling uncertain, and the future is a haze. How can the CEO sustain a strong culture in such adverse conditions? We discuss just that in this week’s episode. Sponsored by: Texas Mutual Insurance CompanyRead More

Episode 19: Keeping an Eye on the Competition

How should CEOs think about their company’s rivals in the market? Joel explores the best way to monitor, interact with, and think about competitors—and why it’s usually a good idea to work with them rather than against them. Sponsored by: Texas Mutual Insurance CompanyRead More

Episode 17: Data, Data Everywhere

In modern organizations, data is abundant. But can too much data cloud the CEO’s strategic vision? It’s a real possibility, Joel argues in this episode. Find out how to use data smartly in the CEO role. Sponsored by: Texas Mutual Insurance CompanyRead More